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Founded by Robert Bulmer in 1977, Alaska Executive Search (AES) has grown to be the premiere choice for employers and job seekers alike over the years. Today AES stands as a leading employment company in Alaska. The company was built on a foundation of values emphasizing confidentiality, professionalism, expertise, accountability, and personal involvement. Our values and our dedication have made us the employment agency of choice for job seekers and employers across Alaska.
With four decades of experience in the employment field, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that we possess the right skills and the knowledge to help any job seeker find the perfect opportunity. Our expertise isn’t just limited to job seekers. We also work with a wide array of employers who are looking to fill vacant positions in their respective firms.


As a top-notch staffing company, our team offers employers and candidates the very best talent in recruitment. Our staffing experts come from multiple unique industries, providing a specialized perspective for identifying critical hiring factors that may otherwise slip through the cracks. This ability proves very useful when seeking the right employees for companies and also while helping job seekers find the ideal employment opportunity to meet their professional goals and desires.

Our teams provide employers and job seekers with all the necessary resources to help them in their efforts. For job seekers, that includes constant notifications via e-mail about job openings, assistance with resume development, and career counseling. For employers, available resources include robust screening methods, streamlined recruitment processes, and regular updates on suitable candidates available for the position. Most importantly for both job seekers and employers, the AES team offers the ability to save yourself time and effort! With recruitment assistance, employers can focus on the work that matters most while job seekers can find peace of mind knowing the best recruitment team in Alaska is working tirelessly to identify opportunities for them.

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