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Our latest articles to help Alaska job seekers and employers

Job Seekers: Work with Alaska Executive Search

At AES, we love working with job seekers to help them find the right job. The fact is that entering the job market can feel scary, confusing, frustrating or all of the above. That’s why we work with you in a variety of ways and act as your advocate in the job searching process. We find that workers who come to us have a variety of employment needs, so we get to know you and your skills in order to place you in a job that’s right.

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Money: How it Works at Alaska Executive Search

Money can be one of those uncomfortable topics to bring up. But it’s such an important piece of the job seeking process that we decided to tackle it head on.  When you work with AES either as a job seeker or an employer, you can be sure payment is handled consistently and fairly. We believe knowing how compensation is handled is an important piece of the process—and we want to help you understand it. read more…

Relocating and Finding a Job

Uprooting your life and moving, whether across the state, country or world is exciting, a little scary and stimulating! It can open up a whole unexplored world, or help you get to know a place you’ve been longing to live. Whatever your scenario, you can’t have too many tips on job searching in a new location!

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Are You Ready to Dive into a New Career?

Sometimes we all get a little too comfortable. Life can get downright monotonous at times, which can make everything, even our job, feel dull and dreary. You may be considering a career change as a possible a solution for a change of scenery. If you have a strong passion or fascination in a particular field, your next career move might be obvious. If you are seeking a completely clean slate, it’s not always as simple to find the path forward. Such a move isn’t something to tackle lightly, but Alaska Executive Search, Inc. is here to help you navigate through the process.

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Say Yes (or No!) to the Job

Congratulations, intrepid job seeker! You’ve crafted a comprehensive resume that highlights your valuable skill set, you’ve connected with your future boss during the interview and now a gleaming ray of opportunity sits in your hands: a job offer. You’ve run the interview gauntlet and jumped through all the application hoops; the finish line is in sight! Now comes the difficult part – how do you respond? For some, this part of the job seeking process takes no effort and they are ready to accept the job in the instant it’s offered. That said, perhaps you are in the position where making the actual decision is the most daunting challenge yet. To accept or to decline – that is the question.

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The Importance of Networking

Networking is a fantastic tool which can be embraced regardless of your employment situation. Whether happily employed, or on the job hunt, you can definitely benefit from networking.

The best benefit from networking is the variety of opportunities open to you. Once you network with someone they network with other people and so on. This is a win-win situation. While you may not know anyone hiring, someone you know, may know someone who is hiring!

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Ready to Ace Your Next Career Fair?

Are you a career fair newbie and unsure of what to expect? Imagine speed dating – for your next potential job! You can expect to weave your way through dozens of booths featuring employers from all industries and professions. Even if you are not offered a new job on the spot, career fairs are still beneficial networking events and opportunities to practice marketing yourself as a potential employee. As long as you’re meeting new people and making a good impression, you are expanding your professional network – this could mean getting offered a job later on when a position more appropriate for your skills and experience becomes available.

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Have You Diagnosed Your Digital Presence?

In this technological era it is extremely important to maintain a professional, well-crafted online presence. Have you taken the time to consider the digital version of yourself that you project into the digital realm? While you may have seen Facebook as a social safe haven from the boss, potential employers often are able to view your social media profiles before they meet you in person. To make a good impression, it is critical to ensure your online persona matches up with your professional image.

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The Rise of Millennials in Anchorage’s Workforce

With one Google search you can find boatloads of information about the rise of Millennials and how they will affect the traditional work environment as we know it. While there are some obvious positive benefits about hiring Millennials, there also are significant misconceptions and complaints from employers about the next generation.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s establish what defines a Millennial. A Millennial is somewhere between 18-34 years of age. This is one of the largest generations, surpassing both Gen Xers and the Baby Boomers. There are nearly 80 million Millennials, according to MillennialMarketing, meaning they make up about 25 percent of the US population.

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How to Stay Encouraged During a Job Search

Whether you’ve been looking for a job for a week or several months, it is easy to get discouraged when an amazing opportunity doesn’t pan out. Things may not go how you envisioned, and that’s okay! This is a normal part of the wonderful learning experience that is job searching. If you’re feeling a bit lost and confused while contemplating where to go after the opportunity you wanted goes to a different candidate, read on for a set of tips to keep you steadily on the path.

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