As a business, you probably know that one of the hardest things is finding the right people to work for you. While at times there can be many candidates in the job pool, not all of them are as skilled as you might expect and need them to be. Filtering through a towering stack of resumes to find a handful of worthy employees can be extremely challenging. Fortunately, with AES’ employment solutions on your side, you will never have to bother about finding the perfect candidate. We’ll take care of that for you while you take care of business.

Why Should I Work with a Staffing Agency Like AES?


We have connections to an extensive list of skilled, quality candidates.
Our job is to create a network of candidates for employers just like you.
We do this by using our experienced recruiters, who are constantly on the lookout for suitable candidates.
Just let us know your specific requirements, and we’ll find you ideal candidates.


We can save you time and money.
Just register with us and pay a fixed fee.
This will save you from spending money on implementing a recruitment team of your own.
Plus, you won’t have to schedule extra time just for finding the right candidates.
We’ll do that while you focus on the most important aspects of your business.


Our team members come from multiple industry verticals.
They understand who you’re looking for and will understand your needs better than anyone else.


“[AES] not only got the specifics about the job, but also gained an understanding of nuances of the situation and was able to match us with someone who has become a valued employee.”

– KD, Executive Director | Nonprofit

 “Alaska Executive Search is our recruiting firm of choice for all of our personnel needs. Over many years AES has successfully staffed numerous entry-level to executive-level positions throughout our company.”

– RS, HR Manager | Telecom Company

“Thank you, AES! It was as simple as a Google search! :) You were the most responsive with the best price! Thanks again for all your help! ”

– Julie S, HR | Nonprofit

“[Our new hire] has been covering the front desk for the last couple of weeks and has been doing an amazing job. She has been eager to learn, quick to adapt, courteous, and friendly with employees and consumers alike. I have no doubt she has a great future ahead of her and I wanted to be sure to relay our appreciation for the work she has done on to you via a quick note of thanks. We have appreciated her placement. Thank you for sending her our way.

– Regards, Rob M. | Front Desk Success!, Chief Administrative Officer | Nonprofit