“AES provides a great service for anyone looking for an opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience in various office settings. What I like best is the variety of work assignments and flexible scheduling. My recruiter is great about keeping in contact and finding an assignment that works for me. It is a pleasure working with the staff at AES.”

“I don’t have the words to adequately express the depth of gratitude that I have for Alaska Executive Search. For almost two decades, AES has always been there for me, both as a candidate seeking employment AND as an employer looking to hire good employees in my roles as Executive Assistant/Office Manager. With the challenges that AES has faced assisting me, I know through personal experience that many staffing agencies and recruiters would’ve given up on this mature “old-school secretary.” There have been a couple of times in my Administrative Professional career while in Anchorage that I sought out the assistance of an employment agency – and I thank God that AES is always there as a resource for me! They are a cut above the rest. A lot of people don’t understand why a 50-something skilled, professional woman would still be “a secretary.” It’s because I absolutely love my chosen career field, and AES understands that! They are thorough with their interviews, professional and friendly and never made me feel rushed. They complete evaluations on your skills and listen to you to truly hear what it is you are seeking in a job and where you will excel and be a success for her clients. She is patient and will search and search and search until she has the perfect fit for both the candidate and their client. AES will do the same thing when I need the Temporary Division to find temporary employees for me and the companies at which I work. THANK YOU, Alaska Executive Search, for the tremendous service you provide to Anchorage and its employers and potential employees! AES is greatly needed, valued and trusted!”
-MC | Educational Services Industry

“As a job applicant I dreaded the thought of dealing with an employment agency due to past experience using them, however, I spotted my “dream” job advertised by AES Staffing and I had to go for it. After completing my initial paperwork, I was ushered into an office for a one-on-one interview with the recruiter. I was pleasantly surprised that I was treated with such professionalism and respect throughout the entire application and interview process. After completing the interview, [AES] promptly scheduled my interview with the prospective employer. Due to AES performing reference checks, as well as representing my skills and my appropriateness for the specific job so well, I turned out to be a perfect match for the job and I was offered the position the same day! I stayed with that employer while they were purchased by a new company and thanks to [AES] dealing directly with the HR Manager of the new company I was successful in obtaining a permanent position with them. I am still with this employer to this day and am extremely happy. AES Staffing made it all so easy. I will always be grateful to [AES] for helping me obtain my dream job!!!”
-PJ | Oil/Gas Industry