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Money: How it Works at Alaska Executive Search

Money can be one of those uncomfortable topics to bring up. But it’s such an important piece of the job seeking process that we decided to tackle it head on.  When you work with AES either as a job seeker or an employer, you can be sure payment is handled consistently and fairly. We believe knowing how compensation is handled is an important piece of the process—and we want to help you understand it.

Two sides of the coin

We get the money question from both sides—employers and job seekers. Employees are of course curious how they will get paid for their work; while questions from employers tend to be around costs to them and what they are responsible for in terms of paying employees. While the questions are different, there is crossover in the answers for employees and employers. So, when it comes to the money, here are few things to know.

How temps get paid

When you work with AES as a temp, you will be paid through AES. That’s right. Every Friday we’ll have a check ready for you to pick up in our office.  This is one reason being a temporary employee is an attractive option if you’re looking to make money in between jobs, holiday breaks or on the side. With our pay schedule, you get to put money in your pocket every week.

Worker’s comp

For the 90-day period following a hiring decision and for all temp employees, AES is responsible for worker’s compensation. Once an employee is fully employed by a company and on their payroll, that responsibility is shifted to the company.

Cost of AES services

For job seekers, everything is 100% free. We love being able to offer this service to Alaskan workers and pair them with fantastic companies—and, we love being able to do it with no cost to the job seeker. For employers, we charge for recruiting, interviewing, skills testing, reference checking, and relevant background screening. But, because we are committed to giving the best service and matching employers with the right employees, we don’t receive any compensation until matches are successful. So, you can be sure we’re working for you and not for a commission.

No matter which side of the process you’re coming from, it’s important to understand how it all works. We love being able to provide high-quality services to both job seekers and employers. For more information about our rates or job pairing services, get in touch with an AES professional today!